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Hydropress sp. z o.o. is the leading Polish manufacturer of touchless car washes, successful in the hydraulics industry since 2005. The company maintains a long-term leader position among the supplied equipment in the CEE market, offering its customers original product in the form of advanced eco-friendly and touchless car washing.

Almost 200 completed projects

During long years of operation, Hydropress Serwis provided over 160 sites to the market of touchless car washes located in more than 100 towns and cities in Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Russia.
Our long-term cooperation with the publicly traded Grupa Auto-Spa S.A. enabled effective development of the international self-service car wash network under the Auto-Spa brand, equipped with Hydropress Serwis technology and located in the vicinity of Tesco Poland, Tesco Czech Republic, POLOmarket Poland, Penny Market Czech Republic supermarkets and by PKN Orlen petrol stations.

Global range

The steady cooperation of Hydropress sp. z o.o. and Grupa Auto-Spa S.A. enables effective business negotiations with recognized world partners and provides our original Hydropress Serwis technology in more and more remote parts of the world. Once we adjusted Hydropress Service to the standards of the European market it was also reflected in the improvement of the quality of products and services available in the domestic market of touchless car washes offered by all producers from the car washing industry.

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Complex solutions

Cooperating with financial institutions, we offer detailed consulting regarding to external financing of the investment. The knowledge and experience in the international market drive us in our efforts for continuous development and constant improvement of our products and services.

Introducing the latest technological and IT solutions has contributed to the automation of most car wash management processes from any place in the world and has enabled the development of a product that meets all highest European market standards.

Hydropress also provides complex services of car wash installation, technical support, training for site operators and permanent comprehensive service support. Based on diverse expertise of our specialists and experience they have been gaining over the years, Hydropress Serwis know how to prepare complicated technological designs for even the most demanding investors.