Investor relations

Hydropress SE is a dynamically developing holding company for start-up / early stage / M & A/ project finance projects in Central and Eastern Europe. The purpose of the fund is to build, select and effectively increase the value of the investment portfolio, taking care of its continuous growth in innovation and competitiveness. The company offers its investors many years of business experience, full engagement and an attractive offer that enables to achieve a stable profit.


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Administration Board

  • Bartłomiej Krzysztof Herodecki - President of the Administrative Board - Executive Director
  • Dariusz Grzegorz Ilski - Member of the Administrative Board
  • Rafał Sławomir Tomkowicz - Member of the Administrative Board
  • Maciej Wawrzyniak - Member of the Administrative Board
  • Mateusz Szewczyk - Member of the Administrative Board
  • Karina Hesler - Orzechowska - Member of the Administrative Board

Shareholding structure

on 20.03.2018

Shareholder Number of shares Shares %
Monaco Invest sp. z o.o. 5 895 193 32,73%
Adam Załucki 2 793 796 15,51%
Marek Szczukowski 1 483 262 8,23%
Tomasz Poznański 1 483 262 8,23%
Dariusz Ilski 1 088 646 6,04%
Barbara Lech-Gajewska, Marek Gajewski 912 977 5,07%
Others 4 354 860 24,18%
In total 18 011 996 100,0%

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Transaction notification

Transaction notification (according to the regulation of MAR)

Due to the entry into force on 3 July 2016 of European Parliament and Council (EU) Regulation No. 596/2014 of 16 April 2014 on market abuse (Market Abuse Regulation) and repealing directive of 2003/6/WE of European Parliament and Council and the Committee directives of 2003/124/WE, 2003/125/WE and 2004/72/WE (MAR regulation) people closely related* to members of the Management Board and members of the Hydropress SE Supervisory Board are obliged to inform the Hydropress SE Company and the Financial Supervisory Commission about their own transactions on Hydropress SE financial instruments.

The procedure of notification

Scans of signed notifications ought to be sent to the following email addresses:

  1. Hydropress SE to the address:  
  2. Financial Supervisory Commission to:


  1. Position of the Polish Financial Supervisory Commission on how to complete the notification of the transactions referred to art. 19 paragraph 1 of MAR regulation.
  2. The transaction notification form referred to art. 19 paragraph 1 of MAR regulation.

*Person closely related means:

  1. spouse;
  2. dependent child in accordance with national law;
  3. member of the family who remains in the common household for at least one year from the date of the transaction; or
  4. a legal person, group of companies or partnership, in which managerial duties are performed by a member of Hydropress SE Management Board or Supervisory Board or the person referred to in point (a), (b) or (c) on which that person exercises indirect and direct control that was created to bring benefits to that person, or whose economic businesses are closely related to the businesses of that person.

    Basic information

    Hydropress Spółka Europejska
    ul. Rakowiecka 34 lok 2
    02-532 Warszawa

    Registration data:
    KRS: 0000568547
    NIP: 5223034398
    REGON: 362124470
    LEI: 2594006UNRDA16C0EP76
    Fully paid up share capital: 1 080 719,76 EUR

    Contact details:
    T. 22 / 609 20 13

    Market maker:
    Dom Maklerski BDM S. A.
    ul. Stojałowskiego 27
    43-300 Bielsko-Biała
    T. 33 812 84 40
    Fax. 33 812 84 42