Welding steel structures

We offer welding of EXC1 and EXC2 steel structures according to the PN-EN 1090-2+A1:2012 standard, performed by qualified and experiences workers.

Steel structures are welded in accordance with the Plant Production Control Certificate awarded by the Technical Supervision Authority (Urząd Dozoru Technicznego; UDT CERT no. 1433), in line with the following standard:

  • PN-EN 1090-2+A1:2012 IDT EN 1090-2:2008+a1:2011
  • using methods 3b and 3a from Appendix A to the PN-EN10+90- 1+A1:2012 IDT EN 1090-1: 2009+a1:2011 standard

What we offer

We offer comprehensive execution of steel structures based on documentation supplied by the customer. All steel structures are pre-manufactured with due diligence at our own production plant located near Gdańsk.

Hydropress also supplies raw steel structures and with the help of our subcontractors we can also provide galvanized or painted steel structures on request.

We ensure professional completion of services in line with all market standards.

Qualifications and licenses

We hold the necessary licenses, supported with certificates, as well as an experienced and qualified team that performs the following welding services:

  • MAG - gas metal arc welding
  • 135 - metal-arc active gas welding

Are you interested in our offer?

If yes, please submit your request for proposal to the e-mail address zapytanie@hs-system.pl or using the following form.