About us

Hydropress Group is a dynamically growing organization with Polish capital that focuses on efficiently increasing its investment portfolio value in terms of innovation, competitiveness and sustainable growth.

Hydropress Group affiliates entities
with the following business models:

  • Hydropress SE (mother company) – an investment fund supporting the development of entrepreneurship, providing strategic consulting services dedicated to entrepreneurs and developing projects connected with business restructuring. A Warsaw Stock Exchange listed company traded at the NewConnect market.
  • Hydropress sp. z o. o. – a producer and a provider of car wash solutions, offering complementary services as well, such as investment and construction consulting, help with obtaining external funding (loans, leasing, EU funding) and securing development of investments (KUKE – Export Credit Insurance Corporation warranties).
  • Hydropress Parts sp. z o. o. – a provider of spare parts and professional chemicals for washing cars, a service and technical support provider for car wash owners and operators with respect to facility operations (technical training, consulting).
  • Hydropress Operations sp. z o. o. – an organization responsible for sourcing and managing commercial and private property for car wash development, providing business support dedicated to car wash owners (loyalty business programme called Hydropress Club).

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Strong market position

By introducing latest technical and IT solutions we managed to automate most of our processes of car wash management from any place in the world and were able to develop a product that meets all the highest European market standards as well as expectations of the most demanding investors. Consistent operations and implementing adopted strategies let us build a strong and stable market position for the entire group.

Global scope

The steady and consistent implementation of the Hydropress business strategy facilitates effective business negotiations with recognized world partners and helps us provide our original technology to more and more remote parts of the world. Applying European market standards by Hydropress led to better quality of products and services of all producers from the car washing industry available in the domestic market of touchless car washes.

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Complex solutions

We provide complex solutions delivering a ready-made, profitable and promising business to the investor! We support the investor in the investment process every step of the way, starting with the selection of the appropriate location and car wash configuration to construction development, installation and commissioning to staff training, permanent and comprehensive service assistance and business development support. Thanks to the diverse expertise of our specialists and experience they have been gaining over the years, we know how to prepare complicated technological designs for even the most demanding investors.