Touchless car wash retrofit

Hydropress offers comprehensive retrofitting for car washes of any manufacturer in the market! Each retrofit cost estimate is customized once the technical condition of the car wash has been checked and the needs of the investor defined together with necessary scope of work.

Leave your competitors behind

A clean, groomed, nice looking car wash is the pride and joy of the business, a showpiece that attracts new customers. The decision to hit the car wash is often made based on its looks. A visible, well illuminated facility, well maintained canopy and banners, well designed signage are all elements that attract attention of customers.

To keep the car wash attractive and successfully compete in the market the quality of services has to be also impeccable, including the selection of programmes and additional elements that increase the customer experience during the wash. Long-term running car washes can easily compete with new facilities, as long as they upgrade, retrofit and meet the needs of new customers.

Check our portfolio of extra equipment

What is our offer?

A competitive price

Best price to quality ratio of devices.

Good quality components

We apply components of leading brands: Siemens, A.O. Smith, Eaton etc.

Wide range of extras

Vending machines, vacuum cleaners, card payment systems, change machines, voice guides, superstandard washing programmes.

Outside retrofit for car washes

Scope of the retrofit: canopy (attic), banners, signage, illumination, brand, colour, columns, additional equipment, rotating arms, wash pipes, operator dashboards, plates, monitoring.

Inside retrofit for car washes

Scope of the retrofit: pumps, furnace, batteries, wash programmes, car payment systems, automation and control systems, extra station.

Retrofit benefits

  • Attracting new customers
  • Increased appeal and competitive edge
  • Better income
  • You can join our loyalty programme
  • Increased car wash efficiency, lower operational costs
  • Better customer experience during the car wash
  • An eco-friendly image of the business
  • Lower demand for maintenance and repair