Closed water circuit HydroFlow

An innovative, cost-effective, environmentally friendly system of the closed water circuit HYDROFLOW helps recover approx. 80% of tap water and reuse it in the car wash process.

A water recycling system for wastewater treatment to clear it from any oily compounds, salts, small insects, sand and chemical care wash and car care agents. Dedicated devices and modules that form a closed system with a water treatment process in a series of steps: sedimentation, aeration, clearing and filtering.

How does the HydroFlow system work?

It's a fully automatic, maintenance free system based on stable, solid components and sensors located in the technological container that belongs to the car wash.

Tanks for treating and filtrating the water are located in the ground under the floor of the car wash so that they are constantly integrated into the system and their operation is optimal.

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HYDROFLOW helps significantly reduce touchless car wash water bills and wastewater discharge costs. For properties without any access to wastewater systems, the HYDROFLOW offers a profitable, sustainable business model with a car wash without any excessive operational costs of everyday wastewater discharge.

Key benefits

Low operational costs because of the lower water consumption and wastewater discharge

Access to funding for environmental projects

Car wash can be built in locations without any sewage system

High efficiency and water quality in the system

Automatic circulation process between the dispenser, tanks and the filter that helps aerate the fluid, ensures neutral smell and prevents development of algae

Waterproof, sturdy structure of tanks, devices and durable components

An eco-friendly image for the business, ecological mindframe

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