Extra equipment

Innovation, functionality and development are the three cornerstones underlying any activities of the Hydropress Group team and management. In our pursuit of sustainable business development and efforts to maintain the appeal and competitiveness of the car washes of our Investors, we provide a wide range of extras that help single out each car wash and significantly affect its high profits.


Voice messages HydroVoice

A system of voice messages with audio user guide for the car wash. It is an additional functionality triggered in the initial step of payment method selection.

It provides clear and easy to understand instructions guiding the driver through the entire process of washing the car, with detailed information about each required step.

Hydropress CLUB

Loyalty programs Hydropress CLUB

A service dedicated to commercial clients, mainly car fleets, car rental chains, car sale chains, taxi corporations and leasing companies.

It uses a contactless pre-paid card paired with the platform that records all transactions and allows you to generate reports, run marketing promotions and issue invoices.
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Vending machines HydroVending

Modern, classy vending machines with coffee, snacks, liquids or car cleaning accessories, located in the technological container of the car wash.

Very user friendly, reliable, unique solutions for selling additional products during any car wash visit of the driver.

Well designed and produced, compact vending machines make the car wash stand out in the location and increase its competitiveness and appeal.


Closed water circuit HydroFlow

An innovative, cost-effective, environmentally friendly system of the closed water circuit HYDROFLOW helps recover approx. 80% of tap water and reuse it in the car wash process.
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Additional equipment

  • Platforms for washing delivery trucks

    A practical, steel platform with one or two entry points dedicated to delivery trucks washed on an outside station. A platform for oversized vehicles includes steel railings and specially designed floor surface for better safety.

  • Biofuelled furnace (pellets)

    A furnace that runs of biofuel for heating the water and floors in car washes. Pellets placed in a container are automatically dispensed to the furnace which makes the heating system completely maintenance free – all you need to do is keep the fuel dispenser filled. Pellets have good energetic properties, their optimum use helps reduce operational costs.

  • One- or two-station vacuum cleaner

    A steel peripheral with one or two independent sucking systems and LED lights for stations as an option. The sucking turbine power is 230V or 400V, depending on the configuration. The vacuum cleaner includes a clear display and buttons backlit with a colour of your choice.

  • Stands for washing and beating dust from the rugs

    An ergonomic stand for fast and easy removal of any dirt from your clip secured rugs and mats that prevents them from falling down during the application of water from the spray lance.

Extra car washing programmes

Chassis Spray

Chassis Spray

A programme specially designed to properly clean your chassis. It removes any dirt, salt, mud and other chemicals that may cause corrosion and damage of steel parts leading costly repairs.

Brush Wash

Brush Wash

A super easy to use programme that lets you remove even the most extensive and the most caked soil on the car body, helping you protect the paint against damage.

Bug Spray

Bug Spray

A wash program enhanced with a special chemical for efficient removal of any dirt, residues and stains left by insects, protecting the body paint on the car.

Active Foam

Active Foam

Highly efficient foam applied under low pressure with properly adjusted proportions, combining low water and chemicals consumption without compromising the top car wash quality.

Rim Spray

Rim Spray

This washing programme efficiently removes any carbon deposits, brake block residues and road dirt while providing a special care to the state of the wheel rim surface.