Invest in your own car wash

We have a proven business concept that has been successful both in the domestic and international markets in Central and Eastern Europe.

Based on the latest Hydropress technologies, using top quality materials and in locations with high economic potential, we are able to offer a stable and profitable long-term source of income.

Advantages of the offer

1 - We guarantee support

We guarantee support

technical, technological and financial

2 - We obtain construction permits

We obtain construction permits

we prepare all required documentation quickly and flawlessly

3 - We offer technology

We offer technology

with lowest operational costs on the market

4 - We provide constant and comprehensive service

We provide constant and comprehensive service

warranty and post- warranty

5 - We search for suitable locations

We search for suitable locations

at investor’s request

Available locations

We have attractive locations waiting for our new investors. We only choose locations which guarantee future profits and quick return on investment.
We offer sites close to large residential compounds, by busy roads or near petrol stations.

Currently we have22available locations

Open a car wash

Investment process

The key element that triggers the planning process for the investment in the touchless car wash.

Presentation of available technological solutions and preparing an individual offer based on expectations of the investor.

A detailed audit of the client’s own location or suggested by Hydropress as far as its economic potential and return on investment is concerned.

Selecting the optimum setting for the car wash configuration taking into account available wash programmes and additional equipment that make the car wash more attractive to customers.

Preparing the complete technical documentation for the location in the format of an architectural and construction design that will entitle Hydropress to apply for a construction permit.

Obtaining the construction permit determines works connected with the underground infrastructure as far as the floor panels and placing the floor heating in it, together with water and sewage installation and the power lines are concerned.

Once the earthworks are completed the washing equipment and the touchless Hydropress system is installed on the prepared ground.

Configuring and calibrating all components of the car wash and the technological startup of the object. Training of the car wash technical staff enables free and aware administration of the functioning facility.

The request for investment acceptance is submitted to the relevant office and once the acceptance is granted together with the use permit, the fully functional site is transferred to the investor.