What makes us different?

Hydropress Spółka Europejska is the leading Polish manufacturer of touchless car washes, successful in the hydraulics industry since 2005. The company maintains a long-term leader position among the supplied equipment in the CEE market, offering its customers original product in the form of advanced eco-friendly and touchless car washing.

The most important part of the investment process in the car wash sale is the investor. Interacting with the investor helps us to continually develop our capabilities and increase the quality of our products. In order to meet the investors’ expectations, we introduce new IT and technological solutions to the market and search for suitable funding sources to help meet own business plans. We tailor our approach to every investor who becomes our business partner and to whom we guarantee our fully professional services throughout the entire investment process.

We believe that the paramount value we offer to our investors is the understanding of their business concept combined with the broad expertise of the HYDROPRESS brand builders. Our team consists of experienced specialists from the area of hydraulics, constructors, engineers and economists who have been acquiring their knowledge for years. This allows us to provide full support to the investor, from the moment they decide to purchase the HYDROPRESS technology to the long-term car wash operation and service support, which allows the investor to build a long-term profitable source of income.

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Pellet is a fully eco-friendly heating fuel made of biomass and used in the HYDROPRESS car wash technology to heat water and floors.

Pellet is produced from dry sawdust by means of pelletizing presses, by squeezing the sawdust through the compressing heads. There is no binding agent added in the manufacturing process, because the lignin, a tacky element naturally present in wood, forms pellets on its own1. In terms of energy performance and user convenience, the pellet is considered to be the most efficient renewable energy source. It is also worth mentioning that the pellet is a fully organic heating fuel emitting carbon dioxide equivalent to the amount absorbed by the tree during its growth while combustion. In addition, the ashes remaining after burning pellets can be used as fertilizer.

The HYDROPRESS car wash, which uses a pellet-fuelled heating system, includes a storage tank with a capacity of 1 m3 and a DHW tank with capacity of 600-1000 litres. Boiler power depends on the size of the car wash and can vary between 30 and 80 kW.

All heating processes are controlled by the boiler automatics and control devices that run the carwash depending on the heat demand, weather conditions and individual settings of the site administrator. Such solution optimizes the use of raw materials and at the same time significantly reduces operational costs. It is estimated that prices of fossil fuels will go up together with increasing demand and decreasing supply. On the other hand, the market situation for renewable fuels ought to be shaped conversely. With their increased consumption, their production will increase.

Determinants of innovation and guarantee of reliability of HYDROPRESS automation and control systems is the use of high quality electronic components manufactured by world leaders: EATON and MELLER

Highly efficient and user-friendly automation HYDROPRESS system allows remote control of all the parameters and processes of car wash operation, regardless of where you are.  Such form of control helps managing the time of the investor more efficiently, bearing in mind the need for its economy, control over car wash income and limit the number of visits to the site to the necessary minimum.

Operation panel allows full control of car wash operations and settings of its functioning even if you manage a number of car washes or a whole carwash network at once. At any given moment, the system generates revenue statistics of the carwash, reporting the status of provided services.

The complete automation system works on the basis of modern technology and the internet connection and allows you to manage it from your computer or a mobile device. Car wash monitoring is available 24/7 and the system automatically reacts to potential device malfunctions by informing the owner of the car wash with an SMS message.

Intelligent and flexible design of the panel board in the HYDROPRESS control system enables you to quickly expand the existing car wash by adding more bays and adding extra equipment with additional car washing programmes. We strongly recommend the ACTIVE FOAM and BRUSH WASH programmes that offer top quality washing using small amount of water and our highly efficient detergents.

The primary strategic goal for HYDROPRESS is to provide products with low operational costs, generating stable income and maintaining the highest quality standards. The HYDROPRESS production department has been trying for years to improve the design of the car wash and successfully came up with solutions that offer the lowest maintenance costs compared with car washes provided by other manufacturers.

We recommend solutions that optimize the carwash operation by using minimum amount of water, heat and detergents while maintaining the highest quality of car washing services.

HYDRORPESS technology offers the highest class condensing AO SMITH gas boilers heating both floor and water, highly efficient and fully integrated with the hot water tank. Depending on the outside temperature the floor heating is automatically controlled by dedicated weather detectors that regulate heat distribution for heating.

The pneumatic system for dosing detergents that can be remotely controlled from operator panels allows you keep full control over operational parameters of the car wash, powder feeder settings and working time.  We recommend our own, eco-friendly, highly efficient detergents that are good to the environment and are very satisfying to our customers.

A significant factor that reduces operational costs of the car wash is that you can use LED backlights placed in the attic of the object. The light control system has dusk sensors that control the light in the car wash and the light in individual bays, and switches it off automatically 2 minutes after the wash is completed. In addition, the dusk sensors control the advertising lightning by switching off after sunset.

We also recommend fitting your carwash with an eco-friendly pellet heating system, especially designed for floors and water, using a renewable energy source and ensuring significant reduction of operational costs. Using 2.0 kg of pellets substitute 1 litre of heating oil, while 1 tonne of burned pellet produces approximately 4 kg of ash, used as a fertilizer, contributing to reduction of carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere.

Utility requirements

Locating the car wash on a site with high economic potential ensures high return on investment. Economically attractive location means it is close to broadly defined service and commercial infrastructure, in the area of large residential compounds, by busy roads or near petrol stations.

The comprehensive service package for our clients includes the touchless washing system together with choosing the optimum location for the car wash and necessary assistance in administrative procedures, including obtaining a construction permit for the facility.

Investment in the HYDROPRESS touchless car wash is characterized by high returns on business operations. According to our independent research, we estimate that after deducting all fixed and variable costs of the investor, the EBITDA margin may exceed 46 per cent.

However, it has to be underlined that the return on investment in a touchless car wash depends on a number of factors reflecting specifics of the given site. Higher income is guaranteed by well-identified location and operational efficiency, using failure-free, reliable HYDROPRESS devices.

We have a proven business concept that has been successful both in the domestic and international markets in Central and Eastern Europe. Based on the latest HYDROPRESS technologies, using top quality materials and in locations with high economic potential, we are able to offer a stable and profitable long-term source of income.

In order to meet the needs of our most demanding clients of HYDROPRESS we developed our original integrated system of payments and money changing - INTEGRO. The functional structure of the system combines a bill-to-coin tool with a coin suction system from operator panels and is designed to auto-refill. A fully integrated automatic system continuously sends information on the amount of coins transported between the operator panel, the INTEGRO tool and the safe located in the technological container. The coins are conveyed by a pneumatic transportation system equipped with a turbine which generating underpressure sucks them into the safe.

The fully automated INTEGRO change machine is able to self-refill the coins it issued to change bills for coins. Any excess coins are automatically dropped to the safe in the container.

One of clear advantages of HYDROPRESS car washes is that they are equipped in technology of paying with credit cards. Car wash bays are equipped with payment terminals as a standard solution for our investors and are extremely convenient for car wash customers. The card payment system, developed and implemented by HYDROPRESS, supports two most common pay cards in Poland, namely VISA and MasterCard. Card payment system is also set up to enable touchless payments. Terminals used in HYDROPRESS car washes comply with all legal requirements and are designed to meet standards and requirements for non-cash payments.

Being recognized as a leader of touchless car wash producers in Central and Eastern Europe and we offer a 24-month warranty on all our sites from the moment they are handed over to the investor. Service is provided both in the country and abroad. We also offer car wash service as part of post warranty services.

Continuously improving quality and service efficiency, we offer comprehensive assistance to our investors by providing useful, suitable telephone support, regular reviews and the removal of any potential failures on site by our qualified HYDROPRESS specialists.

We believe that efficient service is a guarantee of investor satisfaction and a determinant of the economics of running a business equipped with HYDROPRESS touchless washing technology.

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